Pierced Pine Cone Lamp Caltagirone Ceramic cm H.47 L.30 Artisan Ice


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Pierced pinecone lamp in Caltagirone ceramic entirely handmade

Dimensions (cm): H.47 L.30

(the item is sold with the electrical part already included)

Color: Ice (processing with precious "dirt" in the inlets)

Delicious creations available in various sizes and colors.

Can be used as an ornament or any decorative element to enrich your decor.
Note the well-defined details and the quality of the manufacturing art.

The "PIGNA" also represents a symbol of prosperity, welcome and good wishes. It also embodies meanings of life force, immortality and fertility. This is why it is a welcome object.

NB: We certify that each product has been entirely handmade and that any "small imperfections" are typical of craftsmanship more precious than industrial.
Each creation is unique for you, in fact, you will never find two identical pieces.

This product may not be ready for immediate delivery but you can still purchase it. We create it for you immediately, you will receive an email with the shipping code as soon as it is shipped (handcrafted creation time 8/15 days). Make it NOW.



It is certified that each product is entirely handmade and that any "small imperfections" are typical of craftsmanship that is more precious than industrial workmanship.

Our artisans work with care on each work, respecting the times of the various phases, please do not rush us during creation. Each creation is unique for you, in fact, you will never find two identical pieces.

Expert shaping

The clay is worked with the lathe manually giving the desired shape.

Patient Drying

A drying time that allows the water contained in the clay to evaporate.

First Cooking

It will last approximately 12 hours, bringing the objects to a temperature between 980/1000 C°.

Enamelling and Decoration

Immersion in a solution of enamel powder and water then decorated with skill.

Second cooking

It will last 8/10 hours at a temperature of 920/950 C° with a cooling time of 18 hours.



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