Round table in hand-painted lava stone Decoration N.4


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Round table in hand-painted lava stone Decoration No. 4 , 2/3cm thick based on the size chosen, complete with wrought iron pedestal that is easy to assemble.

  • All our tables are made with lava stone originating from Etna and are rigorously worked and decorated by hand by our craftsmen
  • The Lava Stone treated and ceramized thanks to firing above 900°C, in addition to being an aesthetically beautiful and refined material, also has a very high level of resistance, in fact the shelves are shockproof, stainproof, scratchproof, resistant to heat, frost, saltiness and also to the sun's rays
  • Each table is suitable for outdoors but can obviously also be set up indoors. The shelves are very practical as they are waterproof and easy to clean
  • The removable wrought iron pedestal, galvanized and pre-painted with the cataphoresis technique which makes it scratch-proof and rust-proof, is supplied in gunmetal gray (on request we can also supply other colors)
  • Possibility to customize the size, shape and decoration of the table
  • Possibility to add personalized writings, dedications or logos
  • Safe shipping worldwide with packaging in special wooden crates
  • 100% Original Made in Italy (Caltagirone)
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    The clay that transforms..

    Every single work of ours comes to life from the simple clay after passing the various stages of processing: shaping, drying, glazing, decoration and baking.

    100% handmade

    We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. In every gesture, from the creation of the shapes to the "strokes of the brush", we put the passion for our work.

    Craftsmanship becomes Design

    Our goal is to create, starting from clay and using the ancient techniques of Caltagirone ceramic processing, handmade objects that conquer your spaces with their shapes and harmony.

    100% HANDMADE


    It is certified that each product is entirely handmade and that any "small imperfections" are typical of the more precious craftsmanship than the industrial one.

    Our craftsmen work each work with care, respecting the times of the various work phases, please do not rush us during the creation. Each creation is unique to you, in fact, you will never find two identical pieces.

    Expert shaping

    The clay is worked with the lathe manually giving the desired shape

    Patient Drying

    A drying time that allows the water contained in the clay to evaporate

    First Cooking

    a first firing lasts about 12 hours, it will bring the objects to a temperature between 980/1000 C°

    Enamelling and Decoration

    The object is immersed in a solution of enamel powder mixed with water and decorated with skill.

    Second cooking

    Cooking for 8/10 hours at a temperature of 920/950 C° with a cooling time of 18/24 hours

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