What is the meaning of wedding favors? Why have they become an inevitable element in weddings and today increasingly also on other occasions?

Let's try to understand more together....

The wedding favor was born as a small container of sweets, given for the purpose of wishing and bringing good luck.

In the 18th century it began to be associated with the wedding event, today it is used on the occasion of various important events in life (not only weddings, therefore, but also baptisms, communions, company dinners, anniversaries, graduations...).

Its meaning is twofold:

  1. it is a thank you to the guests themselves for their presence.
  2. it is a souvenir, given to guests as a reminder of the day spent and the event experienced together.

Many people are increasingly choosing the small but precious and refined Caltagirone Ceramics as wedding favors.

In this regard, Decorated Pine Cones and Moro's Heads seem to be an increasingly suitable element, because they seem to satisfy the people who receive them as gifts to the maximum, both for their beauty and for their symbolism.

For the more curious, we explain the history and meaning of these 2 objects in the blog on our site.

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