DD Ceramiche Siciliane conducts a prestigious activity of artistic craftsmanship using some of the best ceramists of Caltagirone, a Sicilian city famous in the world for the quality of artistic ceramics, who marrying an ambitious project full of passion for the history and art typical of their land, together with the founder form an excellent team.

The company loves to satisfy the different tastes of customers by offering lines that range from the most classic and traditional style to the most contemporary styles of innovative and modern design, skilfully using shapes, enamels of absolute quality and precious details.

The artifacts we make are all modeled and hand painted through a complex manufacturing process.

Our team constantly aims to offer products that differ from what is seen in the panorama of artistic majolica.

We want to be different, unique, recognizable.

Works of art of exquisite workmanship, intended to embellish the furnishings of your home or even enrich the design of your business premises.

Unique handcrafted pieces (in fact no piece will ever be identical to the other) that will be jealously guarded treasures of the past in the near future.

The success of the company stems from the team spirit that unites expert potters with the entrepreneurial and futuristic personality and vision of the owner, an expert in marketing and communication among other things, who has the dream of bringing a little of his land all over the world.

The numbers speak for themselves: social pages always at the top and the constant pride of knowing that our works have long since crossed local borders and are appreciated and shipped both in Italy and abroad.

In the age of the Internet we have already entered the future for this reason our working objective here in the "virtual" world, instead of only in the "physical" world, is to satisfy the needs of each customer by offering you an eCommerce with a wide choice of Heads di Moro, Pigne and other products of the precious Sicilian craftsmanship, with a decisive but at the same time elegant appearance, with attention to the smallest details and that makes your user experience unique. You are only 1 click away from the purchase. You are one step away from bringing a piece of history to your home. Now.